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10 Tips for Solo (Or Any) Travelers

“Who are you going with?” “No one.” “You’re going BY YOURSELF!??” This is a conversation with which I am well acquainted at this point in my life. Whether it be going to see a movie or taking a weekend retreat, I’ve never been one to mind doing things on my own. Yes, I love great… Continue reading 10 Tips for Solo (Or Any) Travelers

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May the Road Rise Up to Meet You: Lessons from Ireland

Hello, my Dreamers! You know, I started A Dreamer's Inkwell back in the day with the intention of sharing my process throughout the journey to pursuing my creative dreams, as well as, encouragement for others pursuing their passions. Along the way, I began realizing that embracing the beauty and purpose in the day-to-day and finding… Continue reading May the Road Rise Up to Meet You: Lessons from Ireland

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Crossing Oceans and Comfort Zones

Cyfarchion o Gymru! (Greetings from Wales!) I am safe, sound, and settled in to my new temporary home and can't wait to tell you all the details! However, when I sat down to write my first update from abroad, this is what spilled out of me. So today, I'm going to be vulnerable and share… Continue reading Crossing Oceans and Comfort Zones

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Be Intentional.

Sometimes there are dreams that take longer to complete than others. Sometimes we are awakened to a completely new dream. And sometimes, our dreams get put on hold; but that doesn’t mean they’re dead.   I have loved learning practically since birth – my mom instilled a love for reading in me that has yet… Continue reading Be Intentional.


Dreamer of the Month(s): December and January

Happy 2018, Friends!  I hope your new year is off to an absolutely fabulous start!  To add fuel to your fires of fresh starts and renewed goals, I have an exciting Dreamer of the Month(s) post that will hopefully encourage you, no matter how big or small your dream may be this year. This time… Continue reading Dreamer of the Month(s): December and January

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Fall Recap

As November comes to a close and we skate smoothly into a month of silver bells and candy canes, it seems only fitting to take a few moments to reflect on the beauty of the autumn season we’re leaving in our tracks until next year. Now in all reality, the end of autumn doesn’t hit… Continue reading Fall Recap

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Dreamer of the Month: November

Happy end of Thanksgiving weekend, everyone – I truly hope you were able to be filled with warm gravy, laughter, and excitement for the approaching Christmas season! Before November comes to a close, I have an important order of business to attend to here at the Inkwell… naming the Dreamer of the Month, of course!… Continue reading Dreamer of the Month: November


Dreamer of the Month: October

So, friends who have been staying plugged in with the Dreamer of the Month series, I've got something a bit different for you today.  It's a holiday that I know many are going to want to be out enjoying in their costumes or maybe inside with hot chocolate and scary movies, so I'm actually keeping… Continue reading Dreamer of the Month: October

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Honesty Hour

“But I’ve been learning that sometimes the steps that feel the most backwards are the very steps that challenge us to press onward. It’s in the hard and ordinary that we learn how to overcome, it’s in the unimpressive where we make the most impact…” ~Jordan Lee In a society constantly filled with social media… Continue reading Honesty Hour


Dreamer of the Month: September

Well, normally I try to have these posts done at the beginning or middle of the month, but due to readjusting to being a college student once again, I’m afraid I got a little bit behind. With that being said, it seems fitting to announce that September’s Dreamer of the Month segment is going to… Continue reading Dreamer of the Month: September