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About ADI:

A Dreamer’s Inkwell is a place for the deepest, craziest, wildest dreams inside of our hearts to run and dance blissfully together in order to gain momentum for becoming realities.

This is a platform that demonstrates: Big dreams don’t only belong in big cities. We can find creative ways to use our passions no matter what location or season of life we are in currently.

It’s a safe zone to discuss how throughout every new adventure, success, and failure, we are not alone.

It’s a place for us to come together as a community and embrace the fact that we are all unique…and that means it’s okay to accept that our dreams and accomplishments will be just as unique – Life is not a competition.

Mostly, I sincerely hope this website is a home that will remind us to live every, single day with purpose; to enjoy what is happening in the present, and look ahead to what God is doing for the future!

So, I hope you’ll be brave with me–grab a cup of coffee, tea or other cozy beverage and join this small town girl as she keeps her head in the clouds, feet on the ground, and always, of course, writing it down!

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About Me:


Hey there, friend! I’m Mackenzie Morgan, the lady lucky enough to be wielding the quill here at the Inkwell.
In case the title wasn’t enough of an indication, I’ll start out by telling you…

I am a bit of a dreamer.

I don’t like being forced into a box and told that I can only color inside the lines of my life with brown and gray. I want colors, flavors, sparkles… pizzazz!

I have way too many interests, and just to fill you in on a few of those:

I am a writer, an active participant in the performing arts, a coffee-dessert-popcorn connoisseur, a walking jukebox for practically all music genres, and an avid believer in laughter and dancing (preferably in the rain).

You can often find me adventuring in vintage sweaters, rejoicing over the perfect glass bottle of cream soda, or trying to squeeze in “just one more” episode of Gilmore Girls.

My true identity, however, is not found in any of these things.

My joy, peace, and foundation are in the beautiful truth that I am forgiven and accepted by Jesus Christ. Because my hope is found in Him, I’m realizing that the rest of my life is free to explore all of the ways that He has made me individually and uniquely me!


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