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Darlings, We’ve Come So Far

 Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

Happy St. David’s Day!

It seemed only fitting to post about my time in Wales so far after eating Cawl (a traditional Welsh soup) to celebrate St. David’s Day today. While I could apologize that it has taken me a while to get this post up, I have to be totally honest—I’m not really sorry, simply because sometimes when I get too caught up in documenting or sharing the events in my life, I fail to fully embrace and enjoy them. While I love to take photos and write, and I truly enjoy blogging, lately, my days have been so full of laughter, dancing, stepping out of my comfort zone, and forming bonds with people I already feel like I’ve known so much longer than one month—and I wouldn’t change any of that.

Wow, seriously? It has only been one month?? . . . Wait, it has already been one month?? Haha that’s the internal conflict I am currently experiencing—it feels like I’ve been here for so long, and yet, I can’t believe my first acting module is already complete and that I am moving on to the next one on Monday. I have already performed a stand-up comedy set, saw castles and cathedrals that are older than the United States, ate WAY too many ham and cheese toasties, stood on the edge of rugged coastlines, and learned more Welsh phrases than some of my peers who actually live here.

As previously mentioned though, so far, as cliché as it may sound, my first month abroad has been golden because of all of the wonderful people who have welcomed me in with open arms. I left Ohio on an airplane alone believing that I would make friends, but I had no clue how soon that would be or how long the transition time would take. However, from day one when I was picked up by people from my campus at the airport and met the other international students, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily those friendships formed. Since then, I have been surrounded by smiling faces who I already know I am going to miss when the end of May rolls around—those international students, my lovely flat-mates (aka house-mates), my acting course friends and directors, and my fellow Jesus-lovers at church all already hold a special place in my heart and I know the journey has only begun. One of my favorite things about meeting all of these fabulous people is being able to discuss our similarities and differences (stay tuned for some of these in an upcoming post about U.K. slang terms), and celebrating the diversity from all different cultures.

I could go one talking about some of my favorite trips so far and the food, but you know what they say about pictures being worth one-thousand words, so I think I’ll just let these tell you the rest of the story:

Llansteffan Castle




St David’s Cathedral



The Actors.





Basically, comfort zones are . . . comfortable—

but the opportunities beyond those lines we’ve drawn for ourselves are endless . . .

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