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B E L I E V E .

Well, friends, we made it—2019! I don’t know about you, but for me, 2018 was full of learning experiences and things that I never really saw coming…and for both, I am so grateful. I also had some exciting opportunities, like portraying Olivia in one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, Twelfth Night, turning a quarter of century old and celebrating by going to Disney World for the first time, and FINALLY finishing all the credits needed to complete my bachelor’s degree! Many of you know that I try to choose one word or phrase to represent my goals each new year, and for 2018 the word I had chosen to keep in mind was Intentional. I will be honest in saying, in some ways, I felt like I grew immensely in this area—I had to intentionally say “no” to some things in order to accomplish others, and God helped me to intentionally look at some of the fear I was still clinging to in my life in order to take steps toward victory. In other ways, like health and fitness for example, my mindset didn’t hold steady very well for making intentional choices and eating out at restaurants less—but hey, in reflecting, we have to give ourselves grace, right? Grace and then setting goals for how to do better next time around.

I guess it’s next time around . . .

So, on trying to decide my word going into 2019, I was leaning towards ‘Boldness’ or ‘Fearless’ to continue building on some of the things I learned over the past year. However, after my friend Bergan gifted me her Giving Key for Christmas with the word B E L I E V E stamped on it.


I began pondering which word would truly capture the heart of how I want to move forward this year . . . In order to move forward bold, fearless, and confident, I must first B E L I E V E:

• Believe in the power of God’s Word and what it says about me, rather than the lies I have chosen to believe and absorb in the past.
• Believe in the beauty of leaving my comfort zone.
• Believe that the future will work itself out, even if I focus less energy on it and more on embracing each day, savoring each moment, that I am given.
• Believe in the gold in other people and help mine it out of them.
• Believe that no matter how hard change can be, it is necessary for growth.

Here’s to B E L I E V I N G beautiful things for 2019, dear Dreamers.

Here’s to putting feet and wings to those dreams.


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