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Purpose in the Daily Grind.

I used to think finding my purpose in life meant that there was some big, important calling that was specific to me and that I needed to search for that perfect “one” thing. What this thought process ended up leading to was frustration, exhaustion, and discontentment with the process along the way because to be honest, searching for that specific fit in the midst of SO many options, interests, and opinions felt similar to hunting for unicorns in New York City.

Thankfully, God is patient to work with me even when it takes a while for things to get through my thick skull. He has been teaching me that purpose is daily. It’s the intentional choices that we make in the busy seasons, in the hard work, on the best days, and during the process.

Purpose is…
The bathroom attendant at the Atlanta airport who, not only does her job well, but also takes time to smile and tell a bunch of tired, hurried travelers to “have a blessed day.” (You definitely made my day better!)

Purpose is…
My dad’s willingness to check out the funny noises happening in my car despite his own tiredness from working full time and having a construction job on the side.

Purpose is…
Complimenting your bank teller on her outfit – you may not even realize how rude the customer before you in the drive-thru lane was to her.

Purpose is…
Holding the door open for the elderly woman who is still adjusting to using her walker.

Purpose is…
A mama reading the SAME story, watching the SAME movie, and listening to the SAME song over and over and over again even though she’s sick of it because she knows it is the highlight of her toddler’s day.

Purpose is…
The school janitor taking time to smile and have a conversation with a little girl who is struggling more every day with the rejection from her peers. (Thanks Everett, wherever you are now, your kindness means everything.)

Purpose is…
Showing up, even when you don’t feel like it, and working hard with joy, because you’re able to do so.

Purpose can look different from moment to moment. Yes, sometimes we do have a specific calling or specific strengths in which we excel. But I truly think that purpose comes from living intentionally every, single day. Embracing each minute that we are given with joy and looking for opportunities to spread that to others.

For me personally, it is living in the freedom offered to me through Jesus and loving the people around me.

What are you finding purpose in these days, friends? Drop a comment or email, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Purpose in the Daily Grind.”

  1. Your bouquet of roses and purpose-filled words lifted my day, Mackenzie! Sometimes we get so wrapped up in life’s big things we forget to be faithful in the daily grind – small gestures matter. (And, I would include the grocery line – a smile can go a long way!) grace & peace – Virginia 🙂

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