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Do You Believe in Magic?: Florida Travel Recap

Hey, my Dreamers and Believers and Visitors and Friends and Crazy-Funky-Fresh-People!

I’m back!!

Thanks for allowing me to take a brief break from the ole’ blog in order to be successful in my course work this past semester. BUT let me tell you right now – I missed this!

So, how about we catch up?

What’s new on my end? I am now officially a quarter of a century old! I decided to treat myself for my birthday this year by taking a trip to Florida to visit my friend, Darsha, who moved there a few years ago. This was definitely a trip for the books, folks!


At this point, I have to inform you – I LOVE DISNEY! I know the songs. I still watch the movies. I have even portrayed both Belle and Cinderella . . . and yet, up until this year, I still could not cross visiting Disney World off my bucket list. I know, crazy, right? So, to finish out my week in Florida, Darsha drove me to Disney World (more specifically Magic Kingdom) for my twenty-fifth birthday, and I think I was more excited than all the five-year-old kiddos to see that castle – it is magical!


I rode Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. I met Gaston. I bought a gorgeous “glass slipper” Christmas ornament for my collection. I listened to Olaf sing about summer. I observed people speaking all different languages while waiting in line to experience the same joy-ride. I laughed. I screamed. I made memories.



Also, if you are struggling to decide what to wear to Disney (or any amusement park), these are my key tips:

  • NOT blue jean shorts! I mean, you do you, but if you have ever experienced chafing after riding a water ride OR sitting in other people’s thigh sweat, you quickly learn there has to be a better option. (I chose these cute, athletic-wear pants that were still cool because of the cut-outs but allowed for comfy, all-day wear.)
  • Fanny Pack or Wallet-Belt. Okay, I know you are probably cringing because I even had the audacity to suggest a fanny pack, but hear me out! Number one, there are actually cute designs now! And two, wearing these keep your hands free of having to carry around a purse and then worry about where to put it during rides.
  • Hair Ties. With water rides and Florida heat, there was no way my hair was staying down all day.
  • And if you love themed attire as much as I do, you simply must have the ears! I themed my outfit classic black-and-white with pops of red to mirror Minnie Mouse style while still being comfy.

Besides the fabulous day at Disney, truly my favorite part of this Florida adventure was simply the conversations. Real talks with real people. Whether it be the fifty-year-old woman sitting next to me on my flight who advised me to travel and to learn as much as I can as a woman in a man’s world just in case I need to use it, or, laughing hysterically with Darsha until we were crying about silly videos we made in the past, or, catching up with my friend, Kelsey, and her precious foster baby on my way to and from Florida, there is truly something special about just having intentional conversations with people.

This trip was a beautiful reminder of how important it is to make time for rest and fun, but also to make time to truly look at people and listen to their hearts . . . without distractions and “like buttons.”

Now it’s your turn . . . I’d love to hear what you’re learning as you’re embarking on your travels or pursuing your dreams! That’s what this community is for, so feel free to leave a comment, or hop on over to the contact page and shoot me an email!

Here’s to believing this next year is going to be magical!

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