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Fall Recap

As November comes to a close and we skate smoothly into a month of silver bells and candy canes, it seems only fitting to take a few moments to reflect on the beauty of the autumn season we’re leaving in our tracks until next year. Now in all reality, the end of autumn doesn’t hit on the calendar until December 21st this year, but who are we kidding? The moment Thanksgiving comes to a close and the halls start getting decked, it’s Christmas-time in my mind (not going to lie, watching White Christmas as I write this post) – and Christmas is automatically equated with the beginning of winter (although in Ohio, I don’t remember the last time we actually had snow on Christmas…the hope is real this year!)

While winter has been my favorite season since I was young (I know, I know – I’m a member of a slim but passionate minority group), fall is an extremely close second. I love when that first chilly evening hits and I can finally break out my sweaters. I love the togetherness that the season seems to bring – whether that be in the form of gathering on Friday night to cheer on a favorite football team, leaving technology behind and roasting marshmallows at a bonfire with friends and family, or actively recognizing what we’re thankful for around a table filled with delicious goodness. And, of course, I love the colors – those vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows that burn wildly for a moment and then slowly simmer out, fading into the ashy, peacefulness of fresh fallen snow.


So in honor of this lovely, pumpkin-flavored season, here are five things that I’ve been personally learning this fall:

1. Not everything needs to be documented. In a social media centered culture, the urge to photograph everything has grown tremendously. I’m not bashing this fact, I’m a blogger that loves good photo content! However, I will admit, in the past I may be so busy trying to get the perfect picture of the moment, I may not be fully enjoying that moment. So, this year at my first hosting of a Friendsgiving, I took a couple photos of the décor before my friends arrived, and then once they were there, I just enjoyed good conversation and laughter – I don’t have a visual representation of that time we shared, but that’s okay because I have a memory that is devoid of distractions. (For the record, my picture taking days are definitely not over, but sometimes it’s nice to consciously take a break from certain things.)

2. I am allowed to say “no” and, in fact, sometimes I must. This lesson is like a broken record in my life – I am constantly falling back into certain patterns and having to be reminded that sometimes it is simply healthy to say those two difficult letters. I cannot be everywhere at all times, and it’s okay to disappoint people sometimes, no matter how hard that may be in the moment.

3. Gratitude changes everything. I have mentioned that this fall was my first semester returning to college to finish my undergraduate degree. One of the main takeaways from my literature and history courses this semester is that I take too many things for granted, and that having the right perspective makes a world of difference. I could elaborate so much on the depth of this lesson, but for now I’ll just leave it by saying I’m so thankful for even the simplest joys in my life, like getting to read The Great Gatsby and wearing polka-dot socks.


4. We are usually capable of more than we realize. Wow! God has definitely been working with me on recognizing that sometimes the very seasons when we feel the most tested, the most breakable, the most like throwing in the towel, are the very seasons that we learn that maybe we’re not as fragile as we once believed – growth isn’t always pleasant, but we’re better for it in the long run.

5. You’re not the only one. This, this, this!! Please, if you’re going through something, anything, at all – even if it seems completely silly – reach out to someone, and talk about it! There is almost always someone who is going through something similar and maybe you can encourage each other, or maybe someone has already overcome the struggle you’re facing and they can offer some advice. Recognizing that we’re not alone in this journey called life, makes getting through the hard parts easier to endure, and makes pursuing our dreams a lot more enjoyable!



What about you, my lovely readers? What have you been learning this autumn in the midst of carving pumpkins and watching the leaves fall? I really would love to hear your stories, or maybe even what you’re most excited for with the upcoming holidays!

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