Dreamer of the Month: October

So, friends who have been staying plugged in with the Dreamer of the Month series, I’ve got something a bit different for you today.  It’s a holiday that I know many are going to want to be out enjoying in their costumes or maybe inside with hot chocolate and scary movies, so I’m actually keeping things short and sweet like that candy corn I’ve been munching on non-stop!

Instead of an interview with someone I personally know, I’m actually shining a spotlight on a man whose writing helped make me the literature lover I am today: C. S. Lewis.

The stories Lewis created are some of my absolute favorites; I grew up with Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy as they fought to save Narnia… and I know sometimes I’m still learning how to be brave enough to fend off the evil dwarves and White Witches that try to stand in my way.

So, for all those who just need a bit of encouragement on the journey you’re on… whether you’re fervently trying to finish something you’ve already started, or you’re contemplating starting something totally new, here is some sage advice from C. S. Lewis to stoke your flame:



Be brave, dreamers.  It takes all of us.

Happy Halloween!

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