Country Girls in the Capital: Summer Travel Recap

In honor of the last official day of summer, I figured it was about time I shared really my only travels of this summer with my awesome readers:

Sometimes you just need an adventure. Sometimes those adventures aren’t halfway around the world, but rather, just a few miles up the road.

For this trip, a few small town girls decided to just do a quick weekend getaway into the city of Columbus, Ohio. Yes, I have been to Columbus many times, but this time around, we decided to experience the capital in a new way… in style.


For those of you who are still getting to know me, I’ll tell you right now that I am a proud clearance rack shopper and avid lover of thrift store finds. My point? I don’t usually go wild and really splurge on too many things… other than good food of course! However, since I didn’t take a long vacation this year, I felt it was worth the money for an extra luxurious experience… and let me tell you right now, that’s exactly what Hotel Leveque offers. The hotel has a very glam, vintage vibe with modern elements mixed throughout so it was right up my alley, and each member of the staff was very accommodating.

My friends and I are prone to planning epic girls’ nights… and this trip was no exception. For many that involves a night out on the town. However, for us, that means we hit way too many restaurants and take the food to-go, and then have a smorgasbord of delicious treats when we get back to the house of whoever is hosting. We laugh a lot, we talk about life, and we have themed movie marathons… but most of all, we get to be completely ourselves without any other worries; I need people like that in my life.

For this trip to Columbus, we thought we’d honor our girls’ night traditions and hit a bevy of restaurants, then return with our treasure for a relaxing evening in the hotel before heading out the following day to explore Cosi (which was also a cool experience that I hadn’t had). Little did we know that our “quick trip” to a few restaurants would turn into a two hour epic journey, including but not limited to, bumper to bumper traffic for at least an hour (…on crowded, brick streets in which cars did not have enough room to be driving in both directions, but somehow were anyway), frantically switching drivers while stopped in said traffic, breaking into the chips and Guacamole from the first restaurant before ever even making it to our third stop, possible high blood pressure, and laughing way too hard (possibly to keep from having a break down).

We were fine. We made it to the hotel with some food left to gobble down while watching White Chicks, and good memories to add to the story book.

Word to the wise… check the calendar of events near where you’re traveling… just in case there happens to be a concert in one part of town and a crazy festival in another… you’ll at least be able to pack some chips and Guac for the ride… and maybe some Ibuprofen.

Life’s a journey folks! Sometimes we need to get knocked off schedule in order to embrace the moment we’re in a little bit more.

I’d love to hear about your travels too guys, where did you go this summer?…and more importantly… What did you eat??

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