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The Age of Not Believing

There is a reason I fell in love with stories when I was young.  Specifically, there seemed to be a common thread between all of my favorites that kept me coming back for more… Alice in Wonderland, The Secret Garden, The Little Princess, The Lion King, The Chronicles of Narnia, and many more.  That thread was an unbreakable, iridescent piece of wonder and courage that fueled my imagination and made me believe that absolutely anything was possible.


It was possible to rise from the ashes of defeat and overcome my fears.

It was possible to discover new lands and have countless adventures.

It was possible to be a warrior one day and still a girly girl the next.


While I continued to surround myself with these beloved tales growing up, somewhere along life’s road, I unknowingly crossed back over Terabithia’s bridge and found myself smack dab in the middle of adolescence and adulthood.  As the wars of self-doubt raged inside of me, I slowly began slipping into the age of not believing.  I may never have admitted that to myself, as I am the constant source of encouragement for those around me…but when it comes to my own dreams, sometimes all I can see are brick walls and stumbling blocks.  I don’t know about you, but I seem to be the best at coming up with lists of “cant’s” and “wont’s” for myself, even if those lists are subconscious.


When did I stop believing that I could slay my Jabberwocky?

When did I forget that imagination can create new solutions to age-old dilemmas?

When did my lack of faith in myself begin reflecting on my belief in what God can do through me?


So, for all the doubters, non-believers, and grown-ups who sometimes have these moments like me, here’s some inspiration for the rest of your week:

Maybe you can’t.  BUT, GOD ALWAYS CAN!

It’s time that we stop sitting around trying to figure out all the ways that we can force everything to happen on our own, and then getting upset when we fail.  Instead, it’s time that we start embracing and believing in how big the God we serve really is, and all that he can do through us.  It’s time that we begin letting that thread of wonder and courage that our favorite characters from childhood weaved inside our hearts be tethered to the One who created and holds our hearts.

With our eyes focused on His strength and not our weaknesses this week friends, let’s dream big.  Work on your novel, perform your heart out on stage, teach a classroom of little ears with new determination…whatever it may be, let’s just start incorporating the Queen’s advice to Alice and start believing “as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

And above all, let’s give God the glory for allowing us to believe like a child once again!




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