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Location, Location, Location

In the film The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, the four Pevensie children crawl through the magical wardrobe and emerge in… an alley filled with garbage. Okay, that didn’t happen; but, can you imagine how much the entire atmosphere of the story would have changed if they had? Narnia is supposed to be a beautiful land filled with wonder and adventure, so in order to capture that essence and portray it in the film, choosing the location becomes one of the most important things. This particular movie happened to choose New Zealand’s picturesque landscapes for the majority of its filming, and I for one have wanted to go there ever since I watched it. That’s the power of choosing the right location; it provides opportunities for emotions and messages to be displayed through the art more easily.

New Zealand’s Cathedral Cove; Photo by: Daniel Peckham20120212224424_cathedral-cove-chronicles-narnia

I had to deal with this same task a while back as I scouted for the perfect location for my spoken word poems that my friend and I are hoping to film this spring. I have three different poems that have very different perspectives, so I needed each location to help evoke the right atmosphere. I had a pretty specific idea of what I wanted the finished product of each of these short films to look like, but actually going out and finding locations that felt like the correct fit for each project really helped to bring the vision to life.

Tip for the artists: Always have some sort of camera device with you.

Whether you’re searching for locations for filming like I was, or getting inspiration for the setting of a story or part of a painting, having the pictures to look back on for times when you can’t travel to that specific location can really help to keep you feeling inspired. I actually printed three of the images I took in order to put them on my 2016 vision board so that I can keep the locations fresh in my mind as I continue to prepare my poems for this spring:


Looking down on Gallipolis, OH from Mound Hill Cemetery. Part of the location of spoken word entitled: When Love Really Wins
Hallway inside of the abandoned North Gallia High School. Location of What Have I Done spoken word.
Dark concrete room in the same North Gallia High School. Location for More Than Enough.


Hopefully I will be able to post more details on the filming of these spoken words as they progress toward their finish lines, but I don’t want to give too much away just yet. With that being said, I just really felt that location was something that needed to be discussed. It’s so important for various forms of art, but it’s also extremely important, in my opinion, just for the artist’s life in general. When you’re having an inspiration block, go find a new location- have a random adventure! I am here to tell you that most of the best stories and art work come from stepping out of your comfort zone.

What are you waiting for, dreamers?

Just one step out your door and the possibilities are endless!

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