Inspiration & Encouragement

The Constance of Change


So, I just need to take a second to say this for myself, and maybe for some of you control freaks like me…

Not being able to let go, is not really living.

I have spent too many hours of my life worrying about how my life measures up in comparison to the people around me. As someone who is approaching her mid-twenties and currently not in college or engaged, like many of my peers, it is easy to get into the mind-set of blame and self-doubt. What have I been doing wrong that would cause my life to be so “behind-schedule” compared to theirs? What steps do I need to take in order to be on track to finish school, find a man, establish a career, and get married by the age of thirty? The truth is, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the choices I’ve made and the direction I’m going. Every single one of us has a different road to walk, and that means that we may all be on a different time table. The only that has been wrong is my attitude.

I completely agree that having goals and being disciplined are both very important things. The problem arises when these things begin to rule over us. When we feel the need to control every single thing around us, we surrender our right to just enjoy whatever moment is currently taking place. When our fear of failure overrides our faith that everything will be ok, we relinquish all rights to just embrace the beauty of what God wants to place in our lives. The truth is…

We’re not really in control anyway.

I know, I know, not the easiest statement to swallow. Honestly though, isn’t it time we embrace the freedom of knowing that the God who created the beautiful rivers and sunsets, is also holding our past, present, and future. That means we don’t have to beat ourselves up when we don’t have all the answers, or when others don’t think we are as successful as they are.

If there is one thing that I’ve been learning in the last four years since I graduated high school, it’s that change, although in its essence is a temporal moment that we must undergo, is also consistent in the fact that it is constantly pursuing us. Sometimes that is a hard concept for me to grasp because once I think I have things figured out, I don’t want them to get tampered with; however, the problem with not allowing change to occur, is that I can block out all the good that comes with it. Love, growth, progress, and many other wonderful things can only come if we are willing to release our tight grip of control and embrace certain seasons of life that bring change. My pastor actually just did a whole series of messages about the importance of change and how we choose to deal with it, right around the same time that I had been considering ideas for a new blog post… So, I’m thinking that maybe some of my fellow dreamers are either undergoing some hard changes, or looking forward to some new exciting ones. Either way, I just want to remind you, that you aren’t alone, and that it is completely ok to let go and in the words of a fabulous Casting Crowns song, “stop holding on and just be held,” because God knows what’s best, and He’s got your back!

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