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Recharge the Ruins

“Enjoy the going, and stop thinking so fiercely about getting there.”

My mom has uttered this quote to me many times throughout my life. I have no idea where she heard it, but I know that for me, it was a much needed inspiration. I am a pretty chill person, so sometimes it takes me a while to make up my mind; however, once I’ve made a decision, I become extremely goal oriented and maybe, just maybe, a little bit impatient. When I get in that mind set, sometimes it’s hard to enjoy the moment that I’m currently standing in, and just be content with each day; I get mesmerized by the future and all of its charms, and my real life starts to seem mundane. It’s the exact same way with traveling; sometimes, it’s so easy to focus on the final destination that we forget to enjoy the journey.

I absolutely love road trips because I love how connected it makes me feel to all the other people around me. As the car follows the lines on the road, it passes through small towns and big cities full of people that are going to work or school, and going to their favorite local cafes and diners just like I would do in my home town. Even if it’s just for a five minute pit stop, I get to be a part of their world.

On this particular road trip, with Myrtle Beach, South Carolina nearly in our grasps, my family took a wrong turn, and ended up in a very small, run down, South Carolina town. I peered out the window and watched as building after building of crumbling brick and overgrown vines created a distorted picture of the lives lived in this town. As I studied the blurred lines of this picture, it made me smile…there is literally beauty everywhere.


Sometimes, beauty takes the obvious form, the kind that draws people from all over the world to stand in awe of its presence. There are times, however, that you have to get a new perspective in order to see the beauty beneath the ruins…that doesn’t mean it’s not there.


The buildings in this little town that I was able to experience for such a passing moment had such beautiful elements. Yes, now they sit empty and covered with vines, but the beauty doesn’t lie in the sadness of what is, but in the stories of what has been, and in the hope of what it could become!


The same hope is true for each and every one of us. It doesn’t matter how bleak the season you’re walking through is. What truly matters is that you allow God to use your past experiences to shape you and give you strength to move forward in the hope of what you can become, as well. Let the power of Christ in you recharge your ruins in a way that gives you a new perspective to see the beauty beneath the brokenness you’ve been so focused on lately.

One more thing, dear dreamers, please enjoy the journey, you’re so beautiful!


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