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Dreams Don’t Turn to Dust

I went through a major Owl City phase a couple years ago. This once, one-man band that brought the song “Fireflies” to fame, also coined this catchy phrase in my life – “Dreams Don’t Turn to Dust” is now one of my favorite songs from the album “All Things Bright and Beautiful.” This song has a fun tempo which makes it easy to find myself singing along to, but is also a fantastic encouragement in my artistic pursuits. It’s a great reminder that my dreams aren’t going to just disappear because I’m taking too long to get where I intend to be later; rather, they will be nesting inside of me, growing larger, until they burst out…ready to soar.

Even with this realization that my dreams won’t necessarily disappear, there are times when my drive to achieve them does. Sometimes we let things or people get in the way, more or less, settling for something that we don’t actually want. And, sometimes there are difficult seasons of life that change our course for a while and we have trouble getting back on track. Whatever it may be, sometimes just the daily wear and tear of life slowly begins to grind our resolve, not our dreams, into dust.

You see, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a dreamer; the problem arises when that’s all you ever have to show for it… a distant dream. Our big goals and ideas can only become reality once we develop the self-discipline to match our vision. My brother once texted me an awesome article about this exact topic. As someone who struggles a lot with the discipline factor sometimes, I can say personally, it was very motivating. There was one key line from this article that stood out above the rest:

Don’t have a wishbone where your backbone should be.

Whoah. Seriously, I don’t think I had ever heard it phrased quite like that, but it definitely got my attention. (If you’re interested in checking out the article, here’s the link, I recommend it for sure! I can’t just fill my schedule up with pointless business, and then waste what little free time I do have being lazy, and then just expect to wish my dreams into existence. I have to work for them! I need to be attempting to fit my passions into every day even if I haven’t achieved my goal of getting paid full-time for them yet. Really, if I’m doing that, then I’m already living my dreams of being an artist, and I shouldn’t be wishing away all of the precious moments of learning experience that come from building from the bottom up.

This change of mentality could not come soon enough! I’ve been wasting time acting like people from my small area just don’t understand my aspirations. I get annoyed by the fact that sometimes they seem to look at me like I’ve just told them I believe in aliens when I say I’m pursuing any arts related career. Number one… I have to stop caring what people think!!! And, number two, while their critical attitudes have been frustrating, I haven’t taken much responsibility for the fact that some of them just haven’t seen much proof of the possibilities out there in my own life. Therefore, they think it seems illogical or maybe even impossible to be pursuing a career in writing and acting.

It’s really not that far-fetched to make money doing what you love to do, but again, the problem arises when you’re actions speak louder than your words in a negative way. The description “creative personality” should not be synonymous with “fickle” or “unable to finish,” but I’m afraid that sometimes that’s how people have viewed me. I can’t deny that I have changed my direction a lot, but at the core of all of those paths, the intent was still the same. I know what I want, and really that’s all that matters. So, until I have a more of a clear cut plan in place, or maybe even something to show for the hard work and determination I decide to put forth, I probably should try to keep the description of my pursuits to a minimum when people ask; it seems to only hurt my credibility if I change directions later on, or simply don’t follow through with an idea. So, from one dreamer to another, here’s my advice…

Stop talking about it, and just do it!

In my case, I know sometimes even the most supportive people in my life still get tired of hearing me rattle off all the things that I intend to do, only to get distracted by all of the other things I want to do. I have to really begin focusing on what’s most important and prioritize my time.

I’m ready to continue learning how to be more disciplined, as well as, maybe, just maybe a little less talkative (I’m a chatty gal, folks, so that is not an easy feat…you may need to pray for me!) I’m ready for us to band together in one creative parade with a mindset anchored in resolve, and we can all “rest assured because dreams don’t turn to dust.”

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