Creativity Beckons

So excited to announce that I have been nominated for the Creative Blogger award by the lovely and talented lady over at frogsandmoons. Thank you so much! And to those of you looking for a new blog to start following, I definitely recommend hers for her fun and relatable way of reaching out through words. Also, for the simple fact that she shares my passion for pizza… So go check it out!

Okay, so there are a few ground rules that go along with this special award:

1. Thank the person who nominated you

2. Share 5 facts about yourself

3. Nominate other blogs and notify them

4. Also fill those nominees in on these rules

Without further ado, here are five random facts about the crazy chick typing here at A Dreamer’s Inkwell…

  1. I am like a moth to a flame, eyes wide with excitement; I will forever be a chaser of light. I’m serious. I’m kind of obsessed with things that light-up because I find it fascinating how just a small speck of it in the darkness makes such a noticeable difference. I turn into a small child every summer at the first sighting of lightning bugs (or fireflies for those of you who aren’t from Southern Ohio). Many of my other favorite things are also connected to this fetish… stars, Christmas trees, cityscapes, candles, etc.
  2. I could probably listen to Norah Jones every single day, and be completely okay with my decision.
  3. My ultimate favorite ice cream flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip… and let me tell you right now, if you haven’t had the Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip (redundant I know, but trust me, it’s worth the effort) specialty choice at Cold Stone Creamery, please stop reading this right now and go buy a Love-It sized piece of heaven; you won’t regret it! I mean, come on now, it has a whole brownie mixed in with the ice cream and the chocolate fudge. Then… come back and finish reading, of course!
  4. I’m the only tall female in my entire family out of those I’ve met so far. At all the family reunions, I stand at a noticeable 5’10” with all the men, while many of the women average 5’5” and blonde. I’m also the only one that prefers Ford over Chevy and doesn’t like hamburgers… It has yet to be confirmed if I was switched at birth.
  5. My two “let me go into my happy place” movies can put a smile on my face no matter how rotten my day has been. These are the always classic, Singin’ in the Rain and one of the best Christmas movies ever, Elf. And again, if you have yet to experience these, go thee hence forth and allow thyself to indulge in happiness!

Well, I guess that’s all for now, folks. Now, in the spirit of creativity and comradery, I must pass the torch of the Creative Blogger Award to other deserving nominees! But, because I’m feeling like a bit of a rebel tonight, I’ve decided to simply nominate one other blog for this award:

Caroline over at Beautiful Life With Cancer is such a talented and inspiring, Christian woman who puts a creative spin on her posts. I highly advise you to take a peek at her work!

3 thoughts on “Creativity Beckons”

  1. First of all, I just have to say I am a serious admirer of all things mint chocolate chip. There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day, or cold winter evening for that matter. From the sound of your enthusiasm I WILL be trying Cold Stone’s concoction. I don’t have one too terribly closeby, or I probably would’ve indulged already. Thanks for continuing to entertain us with your posts! Oh and in the words of Buddy the elf, “Oooh I like coloring, coloring’s my favorite!”


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