Is This Real Life?

I’m sure we’ve all had those moments when the inspiration just won’t come; those pen-tapping, floor-pacing, tormenting moments known as writer’s block. You know you need to be working on your drafts, but you just can’t force any creative substance out of your frozen brain.

Then, all of a sudden, today happens.

I say today, because it literally happened to me this morning. I was on my way to church and all of a sudden one phrase popped in my head that had nothing to do with anything in my own life, and everything to do with my fictional character and her life. It was like that one phrase was the wardrobe and suddenly I had arrived in Narnia, where all of the ideas started finally piecing together in my mind.

Driving away from church, on a route I’d taking so many times before, I started realizing exactly what setting my novel needed to have. The plot points in my story just kept flooding my thoughts.

Of course, now this happens while I have no laptop and have to control a moving vehicle… on the other hand, Hallelujah! It’s coming together, finally!

Yeah, I know slightly mixed emotions, but thank the Lord for my Iphone and good ole Siri to take notes for me while I drove or I might have been tempted to pull over at a gas station and write for twenty minutes. In which case, my parents’ stomachs probably wouldn’t have been happy campers because I was supposed to be meeting them for lunch. I got so excited about my new discovery that I could hardly think of anything except for all the possibilities for my novel now. The temptation I must force myself to overcome now, is the one to become a recluse for a few months until I can fully get all of the words out of my thoughts into something coherent enough for others to read. I still have a life to live and schoolwork to complete, all while trying to tell Riley’s story which the world has yet to hear.

That’s the awesome thing about being a writer or a reader though, we can see the stories so vividly, that they begin to effect our normal lives. The characters are our friends and we want them to have a chance to tell their story accurately.

And you know something? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, my dear readers, if any of you have already been through this exciting and difficult process of seeing your first novel through to the end, and have suggestions on how to manage fitting it in each day, or stories of your own “breaking the writer’s block moments,” I’d love to hear them!

Until next time friends… and hopefully by then, today’s breakthrough will have equaled successful chapters!

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