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Managing the Mess

He is that jerk, you know, the one who enjoys mocking me when I don’t get things done. He’s the one constantly whispering in my ear that I’ve failed. That frustrating guy that I have way too much of, yet never quite enough of, simultaneously… His name is Time.

I know I cannot possibly be the only one out there that struggles with time management! And if I am, please, just do me a favor and at least pretend you understand my struggle. I am the kind of person that has trouble saying no… to events, jobs, school related activities, etc. I’ve gotten somewhat better as I’ve matured because I’ve realized that I simply cannot do everything, and I can’t please everyone. Time and I still seem to have this constant beef with each other though. I make plans, and Time cancels them because I didn’t use him wisely enough to get my papers done. Time keeps on pushing me forward, even in the moments when I’m completely content. To pretend to be hip with the youth for a second, I’ll just put it this way… “The struggle is real.”

This week, I’ve realized something very important… It’s not Time’s fault. I know, I know, earthshaking right? It’s my fault for overscheduling myself to the point where I ignore some of my priorities. Eating healthy and exercising, for example, is something that I want very badly in my mind; when it comes down to a really busy day, however, taking those precious moments to get sweaty and to wait on the time it takes to get a smoothie rather than just grabbing a bag of chips, seems counterproductive to the things I need to be doing. In the long run though, what’s more important? That I lived ten years longer, or that I ate cake and went twenty-five different places each day because I couldn’t say no? I’d rather live, with a little more purpose than just rushing through each day trying to survive the hectic life-schedule that I’ve inflicted upon myself. It’s not Time’s fault that I haven’t finished my novel…it’s my lazy bones and my inability to prioritize correctly. Someone once told me that God will give us enough time to accomplish the things He wants us to do, and I really like that concept; along with that, comes the responsibility to choose how we use that time with which He has blessed us.

So, the point in all of this is to say: why? Why do I cut out things that are important to me just to fill my days with what is sometimes pointless noise? Why is it that some days I find myself saying, “oh, it’ll take too much time to go to the gym tonight, I’ve got too much stuff to get done,” when on that same day sometimes I’ll waste fifteen minutes checking my Facebook newsfeed? I think it’s time for a change. I plan on making a conscious effort to prioritize my time in a way that allows me to enjoy the things that are important to me, and I challenge my lovely readers to do the same. For me, that means, I want to manage to continue to put reading my Bible and serving Christ, as well as doing well in school at the top of the list, while adding in regular exercising and writing sessions… after all, that neglected novel of mine is not going to write itself! For you, that may mean fitting in more time to call your grandma, playing with your dog, breaking out your cookbooks again, or practicing your jazz riffs. So, what are we waiting for? Even if it’s just thirty minutes out of our day, I believe we can rearrange our schedules enough to live our dreams while still dealing with the demands each day presents.

Who’s with me? Comment and let me know some of the goals you’re going to start fitting into your schedule! Sometimes stating it to someone else helps in getting started…and don’t worry, your secret is safe with me!

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