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Confessions of an Aspiring Author

There is just something about sitting in a big bookstore with a coffee shop that makes me want to write. I’m sure that the strong aroma of the steaming cup of Joe beside me and the mellow background music help to set the mood for a creative literary piece to begin to form. However, I think even more so than that, it’s looking at the shelves and shelves of books of all those who came before me. From the classic authors of old England and early America, to the brand new little-known names of today’s culture, each page holds someone’s story; A story waiting to be heard.

A small, little girl and a talking dog want to share the process of making a tree house into a spaceship with a child sitting on the rug in the children’s section. The non-fiction books are crying out to warn you of their mistakes and to share their victories. A lonely widower meets a woman that changes his whole perspective and wants to show you that love is beautiful if you’ll visit him in the fiction section. As you meander past the Teen section you hear about the drama of high school, first crushes, and how not to dress. The Christian books are reaching out and trying to hug you and give you the hope in Jesus Christ that we all truly need to embrace.

These stories that are yelling, whispering, and singing from their spots on the shelves were strategically placed, and I sit, hearing their voices from my chair near the front window. I breathe in the atmosphere of this inspiring place. I want to be one of the stories. I have things to say, messages to share, and people to hug. The words are jumping inside of my heart trying to be released onto a page somewhere and bound with a beautiful cover.

Maybe one day, I will be able to walk to the section that carefully holds my words in its sturdy arms and hands it out to the customers who sway the dance of curiosity throughout its aisles. I will enjoy this surreal experience of seeing my name in print the same way I am enjoying today…Listening to the background music and sipping a steaming cup of coffee.

1 thought on “Confessions of an Aspiring Author”

  1. Fiction or non-fiction? That is the question. Neither may completely hold the answer, for the truth can only be discovered in the narrative.


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